All Fired Up Joined The Fun

Leah Christie - All Fired Up, 2015

Leah Christie | © Curtis Pope

This year All Fired Up joined the fun that is the Bidwell Rancho Microbrew Festival. The Chico cover-band sounded tight, and well rehearsed while giving familiar tunes from yester-year their own style. All Fired Up performed alongside the Jeff Pershing Band, a long time supporter of the event. And both bands played full sets of music to the delight of the festival attendees and volunteers.

All Fired Up Jeff Pershing Band

With the claim of the oldest and largest beer event in Chico, the Soroptimist International of Bidwell Rancho hosts their annual beer tasting event each year in late spring. The brewfest ,held at Manzanita Place, is the main fundraiser for the group, and they proclaim that a majority of the proceeds each year are spent in the community to benefit women, and girls through Soroptimist sponsored programs.

Bidwell Rancho Manzanita Place
This is a well attended event for a few reasons one being the sheer number of offerings from the dozens of breweries that support Soroptimist International of Bidwell Rancho. The other reasons this event is special for many people is the wonderful volunteer staff and the live music component to the event. There are many fun brew fests in our area. When you get the chance come enjoy the oldest, largest, event, the Bidwell Rancho Microbrew Festival.

Grandparents, Dakota Cree, 3House

It’s time for more music at the 1078 Gallery on Thursday when Grandparents out of Portland bring their music to town. Joining them will be local artists Dakota Cree and 3House. Grandparents, Dakota Cree, 3House all musicians with a voice. Come listen.

Here Comes Epic Fest

Epic Fest 2015 Line upHere Comes Epic Fest as punk, metal and the heavier elements of rock music will be rockin’ this Friday and Saturday at the two day music festival. Downtown Chico will play host to Epic Fest on Friday July 24th and Saturday July 25th with performances in two locations. On Friday beginning at 3 pm. music will hosted by the 1078 Gallery, on Saturday music will be at the Women’s Club. Tickets can be purchased online.

This all ages event was created by local musicians in bands Teeph, Cold Blue Mountain, and Amarok. The music festival looks to highlight the local talent while bringing in music from outside the area to create a dynamic event for Chico. This is the second go-round for this home grown music festival, the first being held back in 2013. The first event was created with the same sheer determination of local musicians. There’s lots of good music, go see some!

The local band we want to see most is Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy. Heard nothing but good about them. Check it out.

Here’s the Epic Fest Facebook page.

The Rock Flops Play LaSalles Patio

Doug Stein - The Big Room

Doug Stein | © Curtis Pope

Doug Stein has another musical project he is bringing to a stage near you as The Rock Flops play LaSalles Patio on Saturday beginning at 6 pm. Doug Stein has a long history of music projects in our town. An East coast transplant via Livermore, Doug has graced stages on both coasts and in between.

What’s in store on Saturday? For starters, we hear there’s a song for Danny West, as it was just his birthday this past week. There will also be new material the band has been working on. Go check them out this weekend as it’s an early show. The Rock Flops: Doug Stein, Dustin Rohleder, Johnny Lombardo, Mike Waltz

The Rock Flops Facebook event page..

Chico Music Calendar Resumes!

Chico Music Clalendar logo imageChico Music Calendar resumes publishing on our website! Having built volunteer partnerships with KZFR, The Big Room and The Women’s Club we look to share our event images here. Over the past few years we have invested time on social media to raise our visibility in the community. And now we have over 1600 people following the Chico Music Calendar’s Facebook page.

After spending several months in 2010 researching and building variations of our current website, we set out to capture some interest on social media. We our happy with our progress and look to continue to put information on social media, but our focus going forward will be developing our website and bringing social media users to our platform.

Mystic Roots Celebrates

Mystic Roots - 2013 Friday Night ConcertsMystic Roots celebrates the release of a new video, “Summer Festival” by having a party all over Chico. We are not exactly sure where they will get their party started on Friday evening. But, when they hit the Plaza Park stage downtown (7 pm.), they are sure to get your partied started.

This groovin’ California reggae act loves to celebrate with their home crowd. Once they have half of downtown revved up and ready to go, they perform again later in the evening at LaSalles Bar. With songs to keep you dancing all night long, you should be there as Mystic Roots celebrates.

Three Fingers Whiskey - Brewfest 2014Three Fingers Whiskey music, sunshine and beer mixed in for good measure, and the party was on at the 19th Annual Microbrew Festival in Chico. With music in the air and the stage located at the far end of a long run of beer sampling booths, it was easy to keep cool, and keep sampling both beer and music. There was plenty of water to stay hydrated, with offerings of food, and beer both in the main hall, and along the tree lined outdoor walkway. It was a nice Chico sized party celebrating beer, music, food and people.

Three Fingers Whiskey kicked off the musical performances during the annual beer festival held, this year, in early June. The Jeff Pershing Band performed a later in the afternoon. The Jeff Pershing Band and Three Fingers Whiskey have provided the musical entertainment for this crazy fun event for last several years.

The annual beer festival sells out every year and is hosted by the Soroptimist of Bidwell Rancho in Chico. This festival of beer is held each year at Manzanita Place, known by old timers as the Elks Lodge, in Chico. Remember to get your tickets early as this fun event does sell out.

Jeff Pershing Band - 2014 BrewfestThe Jeff Pershing Band gets people dancing during the 19th annual beer festival held in Chico. The festival is hosted by the Soroptimist of Bidwell Rancho in Chico, and held at Manzanita Place, known by old timers as the Elks Lodge, in Chico. Remember to get your tickets early as this fun event does sell out.