Artist and Band Information

Artist and Band Information

The drop-down menu for this page provides links to artist and band information located on band pages which are on the menu in groups by alphabetical order. Each band page provides links to websites or web-spaces that bands host, plus images of musicians from events around our area, show info, and more!

Random Images from the Music Calendar

Here are random images from our band galleries. Enjoy the images displayed here. We will continue to add more images, and band pages to the calendar, each week.

Image Tagcloud

We Are Just Beginning

We will continue to add images for artists, and bands, each week. We have also begun a long-term project of collecting historical music related images. Contact us if you would like to contribute to this project.

Oil Painting Effect

Many of our earliest images on the site are captured in low-light conditions pushing the limits of our earliest digital equipment. We have, at our discretion, used a digital enhancement, titled ‘oil painting’ that smooths edges and greatly reduces background noise. As a result, many of these images convey the energy of the show unlike any image captured with a flash. Please enjoy these ‘painted’ images as you come across them on the site, as they truly give you the feeling of being at the show.

Help us Rediscover the Past in Pictures

We welcome any images related to current or historical, bands or events. We intend to display images from events in their own galleries with each band’s images hosted in their respective galleries. We also host Zenmanta shared images, and images from established photographers in our area. All appropriate copyrights are displayed on images, or pages within the site.

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