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This page lists contributors, and attributions under various copyright licenses. Website users are expected to abide by each artist’s copyright wishes. Chico Music Calendar seeks to utilize

open source software, along with commercially free, and approved use graphics. Feel free to contact us with your concerns, so we may promptly address them.


People have been video recording live music events for many years in Chico. Here is a partial list of video contributors to the Chico Music Calendar website. This list will grow as we continue to add contributors.

[accordion title="Bill DeBlonk"]

Bill DeBlonk has long contributed to the music scene, in many ways. One of his more visible contributions is his video archive of the music scene in Northern California over past many years. Bill is also a veteran, DJ for the community radio station, KZFR. Here is a link to Bill’s YouTube page.

YouTube ‘ChicoBands’ videos are © Bill DeBlonk. Videos used with permission.

[accordion title="Marne Bass"]

A long time resident, Marne Bass once managed the Sherwood Brewery, and worked as the house accountant for the Top Flite. Marne has also performed in bands since moving to Chico in 1981.

Marne has recently became very active recording live music events. His high quality music videos can be found on You Tube.



Chico Music Calendar thanks early adopters of plugins. Along with forum users, early adopters provide insight on how to properly configure plugins, and overcome theme-specific issues. This site uses many WordPress plugins, and Chico Music Calendar wishes to express appreciation to all plugin developers. As we progress our plug-in developers will be displayed here.

Site Artwork

Site graphics such as icons, and backgrounds all originate from someone’s brain. We hope to acknowledge those that have contributed to our project through their efforts to build quality graphics.


Foca clipart image sets by Vladimir Zúñiga is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
[toggle title="Vladimir Zúñiga Email"] Email: gnuman at[/toggle]

GNU Public License

The GNU Public License is held for the following media.

Site Artwork – Wikimedia

The link to icon, and page in use. artwork page for the artist, Seahen LGPL, via Wikimedia Commons

Copyrighted for Use

The link to the page, the icon, and the artist: he:user:???? ?. [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

Creative Commons Attributions

Creative Commons licensing has allowed artists world wide to share their work like never before. We share in this vision of an open internet, and seek to support it. Here are the artists under a Creative Commons license with work on this website.



We seek to acknowledge people who have made efforts to capture images during live music events in Northern California over the past several decades of fine music. Most photographers, while not professional demonstrate a passion for capturing live music. We thank everyone for their contribution in capturing those fleeting, magical moments.


[accordion title="Charles Giddings"]
Charles Giddings has provided wonderful archive images circa the mid-nineties from Juantia’s, and 319 Main. Images © Charles Giddings, and used with permission.
[accordion title="Curtis Pope"]

Curtis supplied images to build the initial Chico Music Calendar image archive. He continues to photograph live music events in Northern California.

Display of photography on this website by Curtis Pope is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License

United States (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Creative Commons photographers attributions are listed on the website page where the image was displayed.

[accordion title="David Stevens"]

David has attended shows, festivals, and concerts. He as offered his up-close images from the many events he has attended. David has contributed to the initial image archive, and continues to capture images for himself, and Chico Music Calendar.

Display of photography on this website by David Stevens is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License

United States (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Creative Commons photographers attributions are listed on the website page where the image was displayed.


The staff at Chico Music Calendar seeks to represent all artists contributing work to this website. This page represents our initial efforts to acknowledge those that contribute to this project in ways large, and small, known, and unknown. We will continue to add artist’s attribute information to this page as we continue to develop, and grow the website.

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