Bands In Chico

Furlough Fridays - The Maltese

Image: Furlough Fridays – The Maltese, 2014
© Curtis Pope

Looking for information on bands in Chico? Sesar Sanchez, musician and one of the drivers of the local music scene has created a helpful resource on Tumbler with band lists, and links to bands in Chico. There you can find links artist and band web sites and social places and spaces. Check it out.

Our Band Page Development Is Discontinued.

More about the decision...

This page was designed to collect information on the many bands in Chico. While we had gathered and posted information, images and links about many of the dozens of bands in Chico, it quickly became impossible to keep up with constant band changes. The large number of bands in the area, and the overall dynamics involved in keeping bands together have made collecting accurate information challenging. To continue to keep it all up to date quickly reached beyond the time could be committed to this facet of the project. In hoping to build out this page we did ask for band participation on social media to help us collect information, but only received a few replies.


Going forward we will focus our posts on individual artists from bands while continuing to post images of bands like Furlough Fridays.

Updated: July 19, 2015

The band page was updated and discontinued. Curtis Pope

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